We develop our own product. We also resell a wide range of products from our partners. Here is a list of the products.



LinkCell is designed and developed by Acclinks to provide remote area 2G/3G/4G mobile coverage with low power consumption and huge bandwidth saving. It reduces operator’s backhaul bandwidth requirement by over 50%. LinkCell solution includes LinkCell Gateway on the core network and LinkCell on the remote nodes. Features of LinkCell includes:

  • Supports 2G/3G/4G mobile voice and data, upgradable to LTE-A
  • Optimizes 2G/3G/4G base station backhaul bandwidth with low power consumption
  • Saves up to 80% satellite bandwidth for local calls
  • Greatly improves local call quality
  • Cruise Communication Solution

Cruise Communication Solution

Acclinks provide whole mobile network communicaiton solution on cruise ship which enable fast internet data service along with
voice/sms service on cruise ship even when travelling in ocean. Acclinks’s cruise ship solution is complete, flexiable and easy
to maintain. Through Acclinks’s terrerial mobile operator network, crusie ship comm network is always connected.

  • Improve user experience. Provide voice, SMS, data, roaming services, and local free calls
  • Improve communication reliability. Local switching enabled during satellite link outage.
  • Flexible plan/rate for ship staff is available.
  • Profitable network achieved by introducing good quality total services.


ZTE Products

Acclinks is the reseller of ZTE’s whole product line, including:

  • GGSN (GSM / UMTS), PGW (LTE EPC), PDSN (CDMA) products, Base station products for telecommunication carriers
  • ZTE ZXR10 series core switches and core routers, MPLS routers for ISP and enterprises
  • WiMax products
  • SDN . NFV products



BOSS is an online, comprehensive and flexible telecom billing product. It is a total solution for daily operating activities. It keeps records of customer usage, customer data, payment and recharging, counter sale and inter carrier settlement. It generates alert, statistics and report on revenue, telecom resources, usage, working efficiency and statistics. It features:

  • Pre-pay and Post-pay support

BOSS supports both pre-paid and post-paid users. It talks with network switch with customizable interface and retrieves usage records from post-paid switch. Also it automatically cuts off pre-paid customer with insufficient balance. BOSS is 2G, 3G and 4G ready. It can handle both voice and data bill in home and/or roaming environment. In addition, users can switch themselves between pre-paid and post-paid instantaneously.

  • Comprehensive billing solution

BOSS supports billing for variety of service, including TV, mobile voice and data, telephone, Internet and other services. With BOSS, operator can define very flexible PLANs for marketing. PLANs can be cross product, based on usage amount and time, tiered usage, customer type and history and combination of above factors.

  • Complete package for operating

BOSS includes the following modules.

  • Billing and Accounting
  • Acceptance and customer management
  • Counter sales and Inventory
  • Service orders and customer complaints
  • Over the air charging
  • Credit control
  • Plants
  • Statistics and Reports


Transmission Products

Acclinks resells Submarine cables, fiber cables, and all sorts of transmission product from various manufacturers in China.

Broadband Network Products

Acclinks is a reseller of Fortinet, providing a series of Fortinet security products including FortiGate, FortiCache, FortiWeb, FortiDDos, FortClient and etc.