Professional Service – Acclinks provides end to end telecom solutions ranging from telecommunication networks to data transmission to SIM cards. We also provide technical support for data communication networks and mobile networks. We guarantee telecommunication operator’s satisfaction by supplying them robust, best telecom network products, and providing them easy to access, professional service.

Network Integration Service – Acclinks integrates devices from different vendors to provide reliable and cost effective systems.

We specialize in the following areas.


Mobile Network

Working closely with ZTE, one of the Chinese largest telecommunications equipment providers, Acclinks provides 2G, 3G and 4G mobile communications solution to our customers. With our UNI RAN and UNI Core products and customized migration path, mobile service providers are able to extend service to outer islands and other hard to reach areas with the least cost. Our mobile services include the following areas.

  • Network design and consultant services
  • System implementation
  • Optimization and improvement

Cruise Ship Communication Solution

With the help of properitory LinkCell product and our currently operating land mobile network, we provide an end to end ship communication solution to cruise ship owner.

  • Professional Wireless Communications Solutions Team
  • Access network, core network and intelligent network products with independent intellectual property rights, wireless communication system specially developed for cruise ships and islands
  • Network infrastructure, wireless system integration and operational capabilities


Transmission Network

Acclinks provides fiber transmission for carrier grade manageable core and access layer. We offer PON for FTTx and DSL product as last mile access methods. With our transmission network, operators can provide backhaul to:

  • Mobile communication system
  • Fixed telephone nodes
  • Broadband internet user
  • VPN to VIP customers


Broadband Network

  • DSL Acclinks provides turn-key solution for ISP’s DSL network, which includes DSL modem, DSLAM switch, BRAS server, AAA server and billing system.
  • WiFi: Acclinks provides different kinds of outdoor and indoor wireless access points, antennas and wireless controller. We also do site survey to optimize AP deployment.
  • Network Security: Acclinks runs network audit to find out holes and vulnerabilities in our customers’ network, and provide solutions to remediate network and security problems. We partner with Fortinet to provide firewall, VPN, IDP, Antivirus /antiMalware and end point security products. We setup network security devices for our customers and give them trainings and technical support.


Telecom Billing System

Acclinks provides a BOSS solution for comprehensive and flexible telecom billing. BOSS solution is an online, comprehensive and flexible telecom billing solution. BOSS solution takes care of daily operating activities including customer usage, payment, re-charging, counter sales, inter-carrier settlement and etc. It generates alerts, statistics report on revenue, telecom resources usage and more. Here are some of the features of our BOSS solution.

  • Prepay and Post pay support
  • 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks ready
  • One billing platform for multiple services – mobile voice and data, telephone, ISP and WiFi
  • Module based system for easy plug-in of different functionsBetter service with digital wire line and wireless TV system


Digital TV

Acclinks offers comprehensive and flexible digital TV solution including digital CATV and wireless TV. This highly customizable end to end solution enables TV service operators to provide cost-effective SDTV, HDTV and value added services to their customers.

  • Turn-key Solution – Acclinks’s Digital TV solution includes encoding, multiplexing, modulation and amplifying. All devices are ASI/IP based and HDTV ready.
    Controlled Access to TV Programs – Program packages are defined to reflect marketing strategies. Our system allows access to programs based on the package the customer purchases. It’s flexible for customers to switch between program packages.
  • Excellent User Experience – TV subscribers can enjoy programs from the satellite in addition to local programs encoded with high efficiency H.264 encoder.
  • Value Added Services – By integrating OSD (On Screen Display), mail and advertisement into TV system, service providers can not only generate more revenue, but also serve the public better.


Power Utility

Acclinks helps you lower your cost with quality energy products.

Pacific Islands Countries have the world’s best solar, wind and ocean resources. With over decade of experiences in the Pacific regions and strong connections in China, Acclinks is able to provide tailored and affordable green energy solutions to help protecting the environment. Acclinks energy total solutions include:

  • Design and implementation of power storage solutions
  • Power distribution products
  • Power cables, transformers, conduits/pipes, poles and oil tanks
  • Public and Home used LED lighting products
  • Smart Grid solution


Handsets and Terminals

Situated in Shenzhen, China, the design and manufacture center of telecommunication terminals, ACCLINKS keeps pace with most advanced technology in wireless industry for chipset design, PCB layout, craftsmanship, and etc. We partner with multiple top manufacturers to provide:

  • 2G/3G/4G Handsets—feature phones, smart phones, rough phones, kids phone
  • 2G/3G/4G Tablets and Phoblets
  • 2G/3G/4G Dongles/Modems and MiFi


SIM Card and Scratch Card

SIM Card: Acclinks provides a wide variety of high quality Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards. The SIM card product can be used for 2G SIM, 3G USIM, CDMA UIM, 4Gm, and LTE.
Scratch Card: Acclinks provides variety of PVC/Paper scratch cards (voucher / pre-pay) with excellent quality and security. Cards can be customized in designs with various pictures and shapes.